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Doculivery United Family Payroll of Employee: Pay Stub United Log In

United Supermarket is a Retail Industry. It is a North American supermarket grocery store chain. It was founded in 1916 have headquarter in 7830 Orlando Avenue Lubbock, Texas, 79423, United States. Here we will discuss on United Family PayRol Paystubs and account Log In. Currently the company has provided services in 95 locations in North Texas & West Texas. United Supermarket has provide various products of Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, Beer and Wine. There are more than 10000 workers are work in the company.

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Benefits of Doculivery Service

  • Increase Cost Saving Dramatically
  • Have Shorten Payment Cycles
  • Protect your Data from Intrusion / loss
  • New Hardware is not required
  • New Software is not required
  • Create / Distribute Custom Reports
  • Reduce your Paper Waste

Features of Doculivery Service

  • Provide E-Statements
  • Provide E-bills / Online Click to Pay Feature
  • Provides Electronic pay stubs
  • Online W-2s and 1099 forms available
  • Able to fill automated forms
  • It will robust your reporting and search
  • It will secure the data storage

Reason to Choose United Payroll Services

  • United Payroll Service is a Local company
  • They have provided dependable, reliable, accurate payroll services
  • It has provide Personal payroll Service
  • You are provided with the details of your tax deposits and liabilities
  • It gives full responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of your payroll tax payments
  • It have provide expertise well-trained payroll staff members
  • System allows providing payroll information via internet, mobile device, fax or on telephone call
  • Provides Automated Time-keeping Solutions by reduce labor costs and employee accountability
  • Have Human Resources Consulting Services – HR Department Services
  • It is super easy to use this service
  • It is only available to current employees

How to Access Doculivery United Family Payroll

  • First go to official website of Doculivery United Family Payroll –
  • Enter your User ID which is first letter of your first name plus last name plus last 4 digits of SSN number
  • Enter your Initial Password which is last 4 digit of your SSN
  • After providing mentioned information press “Log in” button
  • Now, follow all mentioned instructions to setup several security questions
  • After setup you will find Pay Stub screen which display list of all pay dates
  • To see entire pay stub for particular date press “Click to View” column
  • You can also Set up your Email or Text Message notification

Contact Information:

  • Customer Care of Payroll Department: 806-731-6308
  • Email Address of Payroll Department: [email protected]
  • United Supermarkets Company Customer Service: 1-877-848-6483
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